BrinkmanTool & Die was founded in
1913 by Louis G. Brinkman.  For
four generations, we have been
striving to build the company on
honesty, integrity, and quality.

From our origins in toy
manufacturing to the present,
Brinkman Tool & Die has employed
the highest standards in design and

In the early years of our company,
the T-square, drawing board, drill
press and manual milling machine
were the tools of the trade.  However,
as times changed and technology
advanced, so did Brinkman Tool &

The tool and die industry may be a
product of the Industrial Revolution
but it has not been left behind by the
Digital Revolution.  Computers and
advanced software have found their
way into every aspect of the industry.

Beginning in the 1960's in order to
support the increasing demand from
the aerospace industry for milling
complex shapes and holding tight
tolerances, we began to replace the
manual machines of the earlier
generations with computer numerical
control (CNC) machines.

Designs that were once drawn with
pencil and paper are now generated
on computer aided design (CAD)
workstations.  Electrical Discharge
Machining has replaced more labor
intensive methods of manufacturing.

Brinkman Tool & Die has a long
established reputation for excellence
in providing everything from simple
machined parts to complex molds
and dies.

Our engineering knowledge, design
skills, and manufacturing expertise
allow us to service a nationwide
customer base representing a wide
variety of industries.

We welcome the opportunity to work
with you on your tooling needs today
and in the future.